Video Sorcery Review w/Bonus: How To Get More Targeted Traffic [Youtube Video Views free and paid]

In this video I review Video Sorcery by Adam Payne. My video sorcery review will go through the course with what is included, what to expect, and what could be better.

First, my video sorcery review overall is positive. Adam is a long time online marketer who specializes in YouTube and general video marketing that gets results.

This course by Adam Payne goes over the new 2017-2018 methods to get more youtube views using free and paid traffic. I believe my Video Sorcery review is going to help shed light on what you will find helpful and what is lacking.

We all want more views on our youtube videos right? So in the video sorcery course you will learn a number of tips and tricks both paid a free to get more eyeballs to you videos.

Now whether you are a youtube vlogger, affiliate marketer, product reviewer this course will teach you all the new tricks to get more people to watch your videos.

Some of the modules in Video Sorcery are.

1. keyword research – without this you’re sure to fail. So video sorcery is going to walk you through how to best choose the right keywords to maximize your youtube rankings and video views.

2. Suggested video ranking – learn how to get more video views by leveraging the suggested video panel on the right side of currently watched videos. This will surely get you more free traffic to your youtube video.

3. Thumbnail creation – What many people don’t realize is that your thumbnail is extremely important. How do thumbnails effect your traffic? And how can you get more people to click on your video? All explained in this course.

4. Get some crazy White hat and Grey Hat methods to get even more views via paid traffic.

My video sorcery review doesn’t come with all praise.

First point of criticism is there is no money back guarantee. While I know this method works, not everyone feel comfortable not having that in place.

As far as my criticisms go for my video sorcery review, that is my only complaint.

Why is my video sorcery review so glowing? It works.

Adam provide clear and actionable steps to improve your YouTube views.

What I hope you take away from my video sorcery review is an honest look at the methods and the quality of this course.

I hope you enjoyed reading my video sorcery review and that if you pick this up through my link that you will enjoy some really cool bonuses that you can see by clicking the link below.

So pick up a copy today with my bonuses here –

Watch my Video Sorcery Review video below.

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