Letspin Review with $1000 Bonus | Get More Leads More Sales For Email Marketing [2018]

I’m so super excited because today I’m gonna share with you a really cool but really simple yet effective lead generation tool.

I found this and I believe it will help you get tons of more leads tons of more sales.

The creators of this have reported some amazing numbers.

5000+ leads generated in 15 days.

28% conversion rate.

Even myself seeing some incredible results of optins because of this tool!

Just look at the image below.

That was just in the last 48 hours.

When I was just starting on the internet I first got my starts about two years ago I really was overwhelmed by everything that it took to get started whether that be what the heck lead magnets were, lead generation, having to create pages, I mean I was terrible at it.

Not to mention it was also time-consuming.

I recently got my hands on a new tool called letspin that I think it’s really gonna help skyrocket your leads, my leads, and of course sales.

Letspin is something really cool something super fun that also engages your potential leads in a way that is going to deliver value, and it’s gonna keep it fun for your audience.

Now what if you could incorporate a contest into your lead generation efforts?

We’ve all seen those lead generation softwares on websites that we visited, you know win this if you click this thing, and if you enter in you can get a free camera or whatever.

Letspin is a new software that just came out that I’ve got access to.

It’s very simple to use and what it does is it creates a nice little Wheel of Fortune style game that you can put on any website that you own and it encourages the visitor to go ahead and take a spin.

The kicker is that in order for them to get a spin and win a potential prize they must enter their email address.

What I really love about the let X team, the ones responsible for this software, is that these guys put together softwares that really are simple point-and-click solution.

Go ahead and pick it up with my bonuses with the link below. It will bring you to the bonus page and these are the bonuses that I’m gonna go ahead and personally give you it’s list building on steroids where you’re gonna learn how to build a huge massive list.

In addition you’re gonna get the 10k email manifesto on how to start an email biz that makes you 10k a month.

Not only that but you’re gonna get some additional bonuses from the product creators of letspin.

Ok guys would really love your feedback. Leave a comment, question below and let me know what you think..


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